The Story

We homeschool, and my kindergartner and I were both getting tired of the same old worksheets and coloring pages.

The weather was getting warmer, so I wanted to plan a fun science and nature activity for us. It seemed simple enough, but when it came down to it, I ran into a couple hurdles.

First, the actual planning took a fairly large chunk of time away from actually having fun with the kids. Second, we live in a small town so I had to go to three stores 45 minutes away to gather supplies.

It just didn't seem like the best way to go about it.

Parents are only getting busier, and I wondered, how I could make moments with our children really count?

I figured I wasn't the only parent who wanted to do a simple science demonstration for the kids, and who found the preparation frustrating. That's when I envisioned it - a box that comes to my door, full of supplies for science activities, all planned out and complete with instructions.

Everybody has stress-free fun and we all come away with memories of learning together.

Of course, we needed our very own detective to lead the investigation! So, Agent Ribbit hatched as a tadpole and grew into the frog-detective who helps us dig deep for an understanding of the world around us.

I hope you and your children look forward to the surprise mystery each month as much as my children enjoy them!

Co-founder, Agent Ribbit
Medical Researcher Turned Homeschool Mom of Three

Feature, TechCrunch

"If you’re of a certain age, you probably remember a childhood filled with explorations of the natural world: magnifying glasses, Sea Monkeys, leaf presses, ant farms, at-home chemistry sets, volcano science fair projects, telescopes and microscopes, and more. But today’s kids seem more keen to explore the world of iPad applications than the mysteries around them. A newly launched subscription service called “Agent Ribbit” wants to change that by offering monthly shipments of science kits for kids." Read more...

Review, ABCD Diaries

"As homeschoolers, we are always searching for fun ways to learn things. Science is one of our kiddos' favorite lessons since there are so many hands-on ways to teach these important topics. The benefit of Agent Ribbit is that all of the materials you need are gathered for you and a lesson is included for each experiment." Read more...